Kawata Gallery, located on the outskirts of Kobe, has been in the art trade for three generations.
Our professional staff members are ready to assist you with the sale of your art, acquisitions, and free assessments, as well as restorations, auction services, and appraisals.

Whether you struggle with conservation and management of your collection, are arranging for liquidation of an estate, or have inherited artwork, our experienced staff members can offer you purchasing assessments and arrange artwork sales that are tailored precisely to your wishes.
We also receive many inquiries from corporations, government agencies, lawyers, and tax accountants.

  • What is appraisal?

    Appraisal means to examine the “authenticity” of a work.
    In case of a new work, the appraisal fee and certificate issuance fee will amount to approximately ¥50,000 to ¥60,000. If the work is found to be a forgery, we still charge a fee for the appraisal.Depending on the artwork, the price given in an initial assessment may be substantially lower than that given after the final appraisal of the work. This may be the case if, for instance, a work is found to be genuine.
    Please get in touch with us before requesting an appraisal.

  • Free assessment of works on location

    If you live in the Kansai area, our staff members will come to your home to make assessments and arrange for divestment of your artwork.
    Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

  • Artists in our inventory

    Check here for more information about which artists are in our inventory.

  • Works in our inventory

    Paintings (Japanese, Western, oil paintings)
    Prints (lithographs, silk screen, engravings, woodcuts, etc.)
    Hanging scrolls, Chinese art, antiques, arts and crafts, etc.

How we purchase art

  1. 1. お電話よりご連絡ください。

    1. Please call us by phone to get in touch with us.

    Feel free to call us in order to sell art.
    TEL : 078-451-5555
  2. 2. 美術品の査定をいたします。

    2. We will then assess the work(s) in question.

    Based on copious available data about painting and art auctions, as well as distribution estimates made at gatherings of art dealers, we perform a market evaluation and assessment of the work, compiling an “art market value assessment report.” Our experts stand ready to give an accurate value assessment based on fixed asset revaluation techniques, and provide you with an evaluation report.
  3. 3. 買取価格のご提示

    3. Announcement of the purchase price

    After we finish assessing the work, we will offer you a final purchase price for the artwork(s). If you agree to the price, we purchase the work. Obviously, you are free to reject our offer and retain the work.
  4. 4. 決済

    4. Payment

    After the deal has been concluded, we will instruct you to send payment to a bank account.